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We bring unique political and communication skills across cross-cutting environmental matters.

We are expert of the EU policy – making and public affairs in Brussels as well inter-governmental agreements. We count on an extensive network of multi-disciplinary specialists across Europe to support the activities. We provide insight knowledge of European policy and economic trends. We develop special projects in a few Member States.

We offer ethical, smart and engaging practices tailored to make a difference.

Established in Brussels in 2005, Lumina Consult provides innovative solutions while building creative partnerships in political advocacy, strategic communications, public affairs and campaigning.

  • Political advocacy

    We have an extensive background in UN global conventions, international negotiations and crisis management. In our over-connected world, political, media and social narratives are increasingly centred on entertainment. People’s awareness of public affairs is declining and the knowledge gap between the advantaged and disadvantaged is widening. We wish to stimulate solutions for closing the knowledge gap and unlocking innovation.

  • Strategic communications

    There are a number of manuals which tell business and NGOs how to elaborate a stakeholder mapping, or draft a press release. We help you build and manage political, industrial and communication relations following a flexible and personalised model of political communication. We can help you hit the nail on the head, and develop the cost-effective and innovative strategies you need to help you say what you need to say to those who must hear it. From forests to animal welfare, climate policies and marine protection, from US, EU and global NGOs to private foundations and academia, our clients ask us to help them make an impact.

  • Public affairs

    Our knowledge and practice of international relations and messaging within complex organisations, start-ups and civil society, matches an in-depth understanding and practice of strategic communication and multi-stakeholder dialogue at European and global level. The experience developed in the context of the United Nations (UNEP, UNECE) and other intern-governmental organisations (Council of Europe) contributes to the high standards of delivery.

  • Campaigns

    Direct engagement is a powerful new form of public politics. Advising on how to create and run successful campaigns is the core of our expertise. Designing, planning, organising and supporting campaigns includes the ability to communicate at every level and to relevant stakeholders. These qualities, combined with team-work carried out in close and timely dialogue with customers, make the difference in an environment where flexibility, leadership and networking skills make the difference.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Pollution, urbanisation, water and land exploitation, mining and use of fossil fuels have altered the natural world. Our economic systems are embedded in nature, and should recognize their ecological constraints on top of the traditional cost-benefits. We have to work out how ecological sustainability can be achieved and how it can be maintained on the very long term, for the benefit of humans and the whole planet.



Roberto Ferrigno

Roberto has an extensive background in environmental advocacy, strategic policy advice, and EU public affairs. He held senior management positions in global and European organisations such as Greenpeace, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the Economic and Social Committee of the European Communities (ESC), the Italian Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ANPA) and Weber Shandwick, where he was Vice President of Public Affairs. In this role, he provided strategic advice at EU and global levels to a wide range of clients, including business and trade associations, NGOs, and non-EU governments. He set up Lumina Consult In Brussels in 2005, using the unique skills and qualifications obtained in over twenty years of experience in EU policy-making.
Roberto is honored to be a Board member of the following organisations: Basel Action Network (BAN) based in U.S. and Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) based in Brussels.

Gaia Angelini
Project Director

Specialised in animal welfare, wildlife trade, marine environment and biodiversity, Gaia has an extensive background in environmental advocacy, strategic policy advice, and EU public affairs. She led EU-wide NGOs projects and campaigns, and can count on an extensive international network in public, not for profit and private organisations, as well as EU institutions. Gaia holds a University degree in Policy and Law with a specialisation in Management of Not for Profit organisation (LSE, UK) and Environmental Decision Making (Open University, UK). She also regularly attends executive courses on strategic fundraising. Gaia has worked at the European Parliament and Commission and for global NGOs such as IFAW, Oceana, and the Humane Society International. She collaborated on projects with the Born Free Foundation, APP Foundation, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and Tethys Marine Institute.

Anastasiya Bondar
Project Assistant

Anastasiya has a legal background and is versed in Italian administrative and civil law. She supports the team in a wide range of projects. Before joining Lumina Consult, Anastasiya was an editor for an Italian online legal magazine. She speaks four languages: Italian (native language), Russian (native language), English (fluent), French (advanced), and has a good understanding of German.

Zoltan Kun
External expert

Zoltan has over 25 years of experience in working on nature conservation issues with specialisation on management of protected areas, EU Natura 2000 sites, landscape planning and forestry. He held senior positions in national and international civil society organisations including WWF and IUCN. He is member of relevant international bodies including the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), the Transboundary Protected Area (TBPA) specialist groups, and the Tourism and Protected Areas specialists (TAPAS) group. He is one of the founders of the European Wilderness Society. He lead international projects co-funded by governmental bodies, the European Commission as well as companies such as Toyota Motor Fund for Europe. He provides advice on how to improve protected area management in order to guarantee the functioning of the ecosystems for the benefits of wildlife and people. Zoltan fluently speaks English and Hungarian and is currently based in Hungary.

Eleonora Russo
Digital Media Designer & Developer

Eleonora Russo graduated in “Restoration and conservation of cultural heritage” at the University of Rome La Sapienza. After completing her studies, she began her career as an Editorial Graphic Designer, gaining experience in typography, desktop publishing and study and designing of company logos. In addition she collaborated in the planning and design of exhibitions and installations. In recent years she has specialized in web design, visual communication and social media manager. She collaborates with Pandion Edizioni, a publishing house, Editor of specialised environmental and nature publications.



Solar Energy in Italy – collaboration with Lawyer Niccolò Bruno
Bruno Legal Office, Rome
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